Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Endurox R-4 Chocolatee


Product Description
Package Quantity: 4


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What they said?

Customer Review:

This is awesome after a nice long run!
By N Putney

Be wary of BikeWorldUSA selling these multi-packs. We purchased an 8 pack when they were selling it here, and they shipped us only one 4.63 lb canister! The shipping we paid was $27.99 so we expected EIGHT canisters even. Imagine our shock when only ONE showed up! Not sure who would actually pay over $100 for ONE 4.63 lb canister, but not us. Ironically when we brought it to their attention, they pulled their multi-pack listing and claimed they never listed it here. Good thing I took a screen shot of the page prior to contacting them. They are refunding me 100%, however they shipped in a USPS box, wrapped in a bag, so it was at my expense to re-package, then deliver to a UPS drop-off. Waste of my time and packaging material. Buyer beware of BikeWorldUSA!

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