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Healthy Origins Pycnogenol Veg Caps


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A True "Super Supplement"!
By Nutrition Man

Pycnogenol is a truly remarkable supplement, thanks to it's diverse range of clinically-proven health benefits.
Pycnogenol can benefit multiple forms of cardiovascular disease, women's health issues, eye, joint, skin and other health concerns.
It has been on the market for nearly 40 years, and has several dozen human clinical studies to prove both it's safety and effectiveness. And it has many studies published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.
In my 18 years evaluating and selling nutritional supplements, I have never seen a more diverse and effective supplement than Pycnogenol.
Typically, a bottle containing 60 100 mg capsules would cost $80 or more. But here on Amazon, you can purchase it for well under the price of 30 100 mg capsules from brand name manufacturers!

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