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Anabolic Xtreme SlimXtreme


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Customer Review:

Hands down the most amazing supplement I've ever taken!
By Motivator2012

Pulled from the market in Oct 2009, this supplement was by far the most effective I'd even taken! I'm 5'4" 115lb F and am a workout fanatic; I never took it for weight loss but the appetite suppression was definitely intense. It did allow me to control my late night sugar cravings which was a bonus. I took SlimXtreme primarily for mood enhancement and an energy boost - both of which were phenomenal! It made it effortless to simply be 'happy', dare I say 'euphoric' 24/7. Improved concentration, enhanced productivity, increased energy and focus were just a few of the many benefits.
Since this product was discontinued I have tried Roxylean, Slim FX, Stimulant X, Oxyelite Pro, Phenorex, and a host other supplements touted to be similar and NONE have come close to providing the benefits of SlimXtreme.
I took this supplement for almost three years (stocked up right when it was being discontinued) and had ZERO negative side effects. The FDA needs to rethink their strategy for regulating supplements and do away with the heavy hand in dictating who is allowed to manufacture what. I'm all for full disclosure on product labels - but give me the option to decide what is best for me.

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