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AloeElite - Digestive System Health Supplement - Ulcerative Colitis Product


Product Description

AloeEliteTM is All Natural, 100% Non-Toxic, and has No Negative Side Effects. People with all severities of digestive disorders, from mild to severe, use AloeElite with great success, most commonly as an ulcerative colitis treatment. If you are wondering whether AloeElite is right for you, call today for a free telephone consultation. Our staff is uniquely qualified and dedicated to helping you find relief naturally with AloeEliteTM. Each Bottle comes with 240 capsules (500mg).

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What they said?
Customer Review:

Helping people to live normally again
By Patricia Hansen-flaster

Hi, My name is Patricia. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1996, at first I had no clue on what was happening to my body, I couldn't stop running to the bathroom with urgencies to get there. I was taking the medications recommended by my doctor but I kept getting worse and worse as time went on, my next colonoscopy was diagnosed as Crohn's disease, so now it was called Crohns/Colitis they weren't sure which it actually was, I only know I went down a road of hell for the next few years and lost 50lbs of muscle mass and couldn't eat anything even plain water would start me running for the bathroom. When the doctors were talking about taking out my colon I started doing some heavy duty research to avoid going down that route. I started using the Aloe, but I was still running to the bathroom and didn't really see any improvement and I was at my wits end. By this time I was literally housebound and totally depressed. I was advised to take some Imodium and use higher doses of the Aloe and in the middle of the second month the horrible cramping in my stomach started going away.(What a relief) Then the urgencies eased up and I was able to go longer periods of time between bathroom visits.In my fifth month I was able to get out of my house again and start eating normal foods again. I went into total remission and have been there ever since. I wrote a testimonial on the Aloeelite's website to help anyone I could and after doing that for a while Aloeelite offered me the job of just talking to people and helping them through the aweful experience. After what I went through I can't think of anything I would rather do with my life then see people get well using the Aloeelite and a sensible diet. I've have witnessed countless people getting well and back to normal on the Aloeelite following the recommended protocol and that to me is a win win situation. There is no Magic bullet or overnight miracles just a steady pace of allowing your body to heal from the aloe and giving it the time to do it. Patricia

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