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Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Product


Doctors and Scientists recommend we eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In real life, it doesnt always happen. Thats why you need Spirulina Pacifica. Hawaiian grown natural Spirulina Pacifica supplies more concentrated vegetable nutrition than any other whole food.

Spirulina Pacifica delivers: Antioxidant Vegetable Nutrition - Natures richest source of carotenoids, B-Complex Vitamins - Supplies Thiamin, Riboflavin and vitamin B-12, Iron - A daily dose provides more iron than two cups of spinach, Organic Protein - Richest source in the plant world - three times that of beef, GLA - Building block for natures anti-inflammatory. As a result, Spirulina is important for anyone needing additional nourishment including dieters, athletes, convalescents and the elderly. Just six tablets a day (3 grams) will help supply the nutrients lacking in most of our diets.

-Eye Health
-Immune Function
-Healthy Cholesterol Levels
-Cellular Health
-Increased Energy

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What they said?
Customer Review:

The best Spirulina at the best price
By Jonathan Evatt "Author, international lecturer, natural health mentor"

With this brand of Spirulina you are on to a good thing! Especially as far as taste goes.

<< In brief >>
Simply put, this is the best Spirulina I know of, at the best price I have seen anywhere online and offline. This is the one to buy, if great tasting Spirulina is what you are looking for. Forget the cheaper non-Hawaiian varieties (from India, China, etc.).
If you've never had spirulina, get this one. If you've had (non-Hawaiian) spirulina and didn't like the taste, try this one. That's my review in a nutshell.
As is typical for me, I like to share information so people like yourself can inform yourself if you so desire. So... for my more indepth info, read on:

<< Full review >>
Let me first put this review into a helpful context.

I have been eating Spirulina on an almost daily basis for approximately the past 20 years. Since my mid-teens I've been making big green looking smoothies every morning. My father and I affectionately refer to them as my "Swamp Water" or "Swamp juice".

This particular Spirulina is from a fantastic high-tech Spirulina production facility on the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. They use ultra pure ocean water for both growing and drying the Spirulina. It is dried at a low temperature to keep the nutrients in tact.

I'd been eating Spirulina for perhaps 5 years before I tried this Hawaiian variety (manufactured by Nutrex). Now, let me say I had always loved the taste of Spirulina. I'd put a couple of heaped tablespoons of it into my morning drink. Friends and family, however, found the taste too strong and "green" if I put in that much though.

Then one day I met the guy who first stated to import Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina into New Zealand (where I live). He asked if I'd like to try some (at a health Expo). I said "No thanks, I am very familiar with Spirulina". He said, "Not Hawaiian Spirulina. It tastes much nicer than the other kinds". I let him know that I actually already enjoy the taste of Spirulina. At the time I was getting New Zealand branded Spirulina (perhaps imported from India or grown locally). The guy told me that compared to the Hawaiian variety, other Spirulina tastes like soil. I'd never noticed that. Curious, I tried his little cup of green stuff, and WOW it was extra delicious. In that moment I realised, for the first time, that yes, indeed, the other varieties taste a bit like soil. Odd. Whereas the Hawaiian variety tastes creamy and... well, it's hard to describe. Let's just say it is delicious for those people into concentrated green foods, and whilst perhaps calling it "delicious" is going too far for some, it is certainly the most palatable for those folk who are not yet used to eating concentrated green foods.

So, that was about 15 years ago, and I've eaten ONLY Hawaiian Spirulina ever since. Partly because it tastes great, which means I can put as much as I want into my drink without it getting over-powering, but also because my research indicated that the Hawaiian variety is superior in quality and nutritional content. This particular one being sold here on Amazon is at one of the best prices I have seen, which is why I often buy it from here when I am in the USA.

If you are new to Spirulina and superfoods in general, I suggest adding this product to a smoothie, and drinking that each day. Use clean spring water if you can. To that add 1 ripe organic banana as a base. Then add the following:
- Start out with 1 tablespoon of Spirulina. Increase as you get use to the taste.
- 1 tablespoon of
Organic Raw Chocolate Nibs,
- A handful of
Raw Organic Goji Berries
(soak them in water overnight if you want them to blend more smoothly),
- 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of
Organic Raw Maca Powder

- 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of Lucuma Powder
- 1 tablesppon of
Y.S. Organic Bee Farms - Fresh Bee Pollen Whole Granules

- 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of organic Ginger Root Powder (that'll help with your digestion of the other goodies).
This rough recipe is for about a quart (1 litre) of drink so use 1 quart (1 L) of water.
Blend them up in a blender, and enjoy.

I have given workshops on what I call "Intelligent Nutritional" throughout Europe, and this is a basic version of a recipe I share with people. I've had many people after just 3 to 7 days tell me they feel like a new person (they look like it too!!) after drinking this each morning. Friends comment on how them seem to be "glowing" and ask what they are up to!! Try it out.

If you're looking to buy Spirulina, this is the brand to get, and it's at a great price.

<< Buying Bulk >>
If you use a lot of Spirulina you may find it even more affordable to buy it in bulk. As I write this, it is possible to buy in a 5lb vacuum pack for $27.60 / lb or $141 in total (Spirulina Pacifica 5 lbs)

If you know nothing about Spirulina, please read up on it on the Internet - it's worth leaning about. I'll mention here that it is a highly concentrated source of a very broad range of nutrients. I'd say a couple of tablespoons of this rich green powder contains more nutrition that the people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) might get in a few weeks worth of meals. This is powerful stuff that will change the way you feel, big time!! Enjoy!

*** UPDATE 4/11/2011 ***: If you want ORGANIC spirulina, the Nutrex one is NOT certified (or uncertified) organic. HOWEVER my research into spirulina indicates it is not possible to grow certified organic spirulina with reputable certification authorities (such as the major ones in the "Western World". Since October 2005, most of ` Organic Spirulina ' was from USA. Two major USA companies (Cyanotech, the makers of Nutrex brand, being one of them) have both ceased production of ` Organic Spirulina ', due to the USDA terminating the use of a fertiliser which was orginally permitted as an organic feed for the growth of Spirulina. When those rules change, the organic status was dropped. It is my understanding the only so-called "organic spirulina" is from China and India, and that one reason for this is that the so-called "organic" standards there are questionable (i.e. not worth paying extra money on).

For the past 18 years I have been eating almost only organically produced foods. Yet in the case of the Nutrex spirulina it does not bother me that it lost its organic certification status. Having researched the matter, I have no problems with that technicality in this particular case.

I have asked NOW Foods about their
ORGANIC SPIRULINA POWDER. It is certified organic and grown/produced in India. They tell me it is very high quality and from a state-of-the-art facility there in India. I have not tried it yet, but I will do soon, mostly to determine if the taste is as good as the Hawaiian variety. I currently have no reason to believe its quality is anything less than great, but the spirulina I have tried from India in the paste did not taste as nice as the Hawaiian one. It comes in a foil lined canister, which should be just fine for those people not wanting products in plastic. For 1 lb it is about the same price as the non-organic Nutrex one on review here. If you want ORGANIC spirulina please take a look at the one from NOW Foods. However, if it tastes anything like the non-organic spirulina Now Foods gets from the same facility in India, it will be horrible.

*** UPDATE 10/11/2012 *** [Previous update 11/11/2011] I had an update here (and have now removed it) recommending the Now Foods (non-organic) spirulina as a much cheaper alternative to the Nutrex brand. Now Foods WERE also sourcing their spirulina from the Hawaiian growers up until recently. A few months ago they switch suppliers to the company they use in India for their so-called "organic spirulina". Well, to put it bluntly, their Indian spirulina smells and tastes like cow or horse manure (literally). So, my advice is to use the Nutrex brand, even though it costs a little more, I feel it is a superior product.

*** UPDATE 12/Mar/2012 *** : I have received various commuincations from Cyanotech in response to my questions to them. I'll pass on the following information for your consideration:
I communicated with Cyanotech some time ago now... and they assure me their spirulina is "herbicide, pesticide, and GMO free". They did not mention fertilisers, so I will enquire further on that. They have stated:

> "Plant-based organic (biological) agriculture is fundamentally a system of maintaining soil health and therefore plant vitality. Organic farming relies heavily on the use of nitrogen fixing cover crops, composted manures, crop rotation, and of course organic farming eschews the use of synthetic pesticides (including herbicides). Properly managed organic growing systems build a healthy topsoil with a minimum of soil loss, and also minimized losses of nutrients to ground water, streams, and lakes.

The line between organic and standard cultivation of Spirulina is much less distinct, as pesticides and herbicides are not used in the culture of Spirulina. Furthermore, since Spirulina is grown without soil, there is no crop rotation or direct additions of manure to the growing system. Instead, Spirulina growers create the exact conditions of nature (high baking soda and ample amounts of soluble phosphorous and nitrogen) . Manures do not work in this system as they would be harvested with the algae and would contaminate it. This is because Spirulina is a filamentous algae and must be screened out of the water using a very fine mesh.

In many ways, however, Spirulina culture belongs with more traditional biological growing systems. Spirulina does not create any ground water pollution or soil erosion (it is grown in lined ponds). Water and energy use are much enhanced over those of terrestrial agriculture (including organic systems). And as I mentioned, there are no pesticides or herbicides used. Spirulina culture is also extremely energy efficient. And although traditional organic farming can use cover crops for nitrogen, there are also phosphorous inputs that are from outside sources (this is absolutely necessary also with Spirulina). Simply put, both organic terrestrial and Spirulina culture systems are reduced input farming techniques that are much lower impact in terms of pollution and soil loss than typical commercial farming."
-- End quote --

Their literature also states that there spirulina is / has:
> "Pesticide free, Herbicide free, Environmentally friendly, Full nutritional value, Purified nutrients, Highest growth rate, Low heavy metal level, Low bacterial count"

There is still no mention of where they source the nutrients for spirulina production. I'll ask.
They also share the following explanation about why they dropped the organic certification:

> "In October 2002 the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted to continue to allow the use of mined Chilean nitrate in Spirulina production until October 2005. (Chilean nitrate is a water soluble form of nitrogen used in the production of Organic Spirulina.) Unfortunately, the USDA organic production regulations are directed at terrestrial farming and do not address the unique position occupied by aquatic farming of crops such as Spirulina. Production of Spirulina requires water soluble forms of phosphorus and nitrogen. This is not desired in terrestrial farming as soluble forms of phosphorous and nitrogen can harm the soil and contaminate ground water; on the other hand, in Spirulina production this is not a problem because all culture ponds are lined and there is no runoff or contamination of ground water. Cyanotech feels that the NOSB will vote to disallow the use of Chilean nitrate in October 2005 as it is mined and thus not considered a sustainable source of nitrogen.

With Chilean nitrate prohibited in all organic production systems, an alternative source of organic soluble nitrogen must be found. The only sources of soluble nitrogen allowed under organic regulations are compost teas and various manures. Cyanotech has examined these potential sources of soluble nitrogen and found them unsatisfactory because they would:

1) Contaminate our Spirulina with lead and other heavy metals
2) Increase the bacterial count in Spirulina
3) Produce inferior Spirulina products at a much higher cost

For these reasons, Cyanotech will stop production of organic Spirulina if Chilean nitrate is disallowed in October, 2005. Instead we will concentrate our efforts to continually improve the quality of our All Natural Spirulina products.

In many ways standard Spirulina culture methods (not organic) are compatible with traditional organic growing systems. Spirulina does not create any ground water pollution or soil erosion since it is grown in lined ponds. Water and energy are used much more efficiently than in terrestrial agriculture use (including organic systems). Cyanotech's All Natural Spirulina products are GMO free, are produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides, are produced using pure deep seawater pumped from a depth of 2000 ft as a source of trace minerals and use a patented OceanChill(tm) drying process to preserve oxygen sensitive nutrients. Hawaiian Spirulina from Cyanotech has the highest purity, and by far the highest nutritional value of any Spirulina available.
-- end quote, end update --

I will post back here when I find out more about their fertilisation methods. For now it seems they use what is called "Chilean nitrate," which was until 2005 an excepted fertiliser under US organic standards.

*** UPDATE 13/03/2012 ***: Fukushima radioactivity impact report: Nutrex/Cyanotech assure me (and the public) they have not experienced any fallout or related effects from the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in Japan. They have made this public statement:
"" Cyanotech implemented monitoring of our Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica and BioAstin Natural Astaxanthin products immediately after the disaster in Japan through independent third party laboratory analysis. The analyses found no detectable radiation (less than 1.0 Bq/kg for iodine-
13 1, less than 0.5 Bq/kg for cesium- 134 and less than 0.6 Bq/kg for cesium- 137), in products produced on 3/22/2011, which was the time in which it was theorized that the tail of the radiation plume from Japan could reach Hawaii. Cyanotech continues to test its products for radiation contamination through independent third party laboratory analysis to ensure that they are the highest quality, most healthful products available in the supplement industry. Recent radiation testing of Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica and BioAstin products find no detectable radiation. ""

It should be noted that ALL of the above info I have been posting applies not only to the product this review is on. It applies to all Hawaiian spirulina, under any brand, as it is all manufactured by Cyanotech, the owners of the Nutrex brand. At this time I am not aware of other brands supplying this spirulina (Now Foods were, but no longer do).

For those concerned about radioactivity in general, please note that Spirulina has been proven to significantly reduce the ill effects of radiation exposure. If you want to maximise that effect look into using Astaxanthin, which is extracted from Spirulina. It is the primary antioxidant in Spirulina, and is considered to be the most potent anti-oxidant we know of. There are many options for this on Amazon so I recommend doing a search to see them all.
With heart,

Jonathan Evatt
International lecturer, Yoga teacher, and award-winning author of [...]

P.S. I have posted links to the products above, specifically selecting only brands I personally have tried and highly recommend. Different merchants, however, sell these products on Amazon and elsewhere online. So search here and elsewhere for the best price. The ones I have posted links to do not necessarily represent the best price and shipping deals, etc. Although some of them are the best prices I have come across (which helps, because stocking up on superfoods can seem pricey for some).

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