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Champion Nutrition Ultramet


Product Description
Flavor: Chocolate, Size: 60

Packets Our most popular product! Compare its flavor to any of our competitors and you'll see why. Our scientifically complete meal supplement that can be prepared in seconds. Packed with up to 42g of protein, including ion-exchange whey protein, 24g of complex carbs for sustained energy and 27 vitamins and minerals - All this with only 3g of fat!

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Fantastic product, great taste, good price
By digitalicecream

Considering that this is a meal replacement, it feels more like your cheating on your diet by enjoying a rich, creamy smoothie. The chocolate flavor is almost like melted fudge ice cream, even when blended with water. I have a calorie requirement where 1 bag of this product is great for breakfast but other suggestions to use half the product are great also. You'll get half as many calories and protien, but your product will last twice as long.

I like this product so much (losing 10lbs, not water weight so far) on my journey to get back to slim that I've subscribed to receive a variety pack every 60 days (of 60 pieces) at a discounted rate. (Although I will continue to shop for a better price).

I'm really looking forward to trying the other flavors in the variety pack, but I certainly dont mind chocolate, and neither will you.

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