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Elemis Enhancement Program 3 months detoxification plan

Product Description

Experience the Elemis difference in body detox programs. This 3 month body detox program will cleanse the body of toxins while promoting weight loss and increased energy. This Body Cleanse Detoxification Program includes: Elemis Cal-Metab Capsules: helps increase the bodys ability to burn up calories by balancing metabolism and may be used for weight loss and cellulite reduction. It cleanses the blood while supplying essential vitamins and minerals, including a high content of organic iodine that helps balance thyroid - necessary in helping the body burn off excess fat and regulate the texture of the skin. Elemis Deep Drainage Capsules: gently stimulates and helps eliminate toxins and improve sallow complexions. Elemis Silhouette Capsules: helps to effectively purify the blood and increase the body's fat burning ability. Elemis Vitality Capsules: helps improve energy levels, increase stamina, stimulates circulation, and combats tiredness.

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Customer Review:

Time Will Tell
By Pineapple

I purchased all 4 bottles of the Elemis Spa@home Detox regiment while on the Disney crusie. I have read reviews with ratings across the board. I just started the program on 23 July 2012 so I rated this a 3 until I see the final results. I was not presured to buy while on the crusie. I went in for a facial and during the consulation after my treatment this was mentioned since I had stated on my cosnulatation card that I needed to lose 25 lbs. The young lady highly recommended it and stated she uses it once a year and liked the results she got. She mentioned various benefits of going thru the program and stated I could make an appoitnemnt for a more detailed consultation. I choose to buy it the next day without further consulatation. I paid $308 and I see Amazon has it for $246.40. Not too much difference in price. I was instructed to take with breakfast; 2 capsules each of the Cal-Metab & Deep drainage for Month one, Month 2 take 2 capsules of the Silhouette and Month 3; take 2 capsules of the Vitality. I was told to drink plenty of water to flush my system. One reviewer stated his skin broke out, suffered headaches, nauseua and diarrhea. Depending on how much toxins are in your body, you can expect some side-effects such as skin breakouts, headaches, tiredness etc. Thus far, the only thing I have noticed is me having to urinate frequently. This is good because the toxins are being flushed out. The instructions also state that if you begin to have diarrhea to cut-back on the amount you take. I can't believe the crusie line would recommend a product which lacks results to get your $. Elemis is a trusted name brand and company. I also pruchased the Frangipani oil for my daughter while on the cruise. She got a pedicure and loved how it made her feet feel. I paid $50 for it and I see other websites have it for the same price. This product recieved high ratings and reviews so I'm shocked at the disparity with the Detox products. I will post another review or update this one at the end of my 3-months.

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