Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Medifast Custom Order


Product Description

Thank you for ordering from Weightloss Supplies. To order please send an Amazon message to us with your Amazon order numb er and the list of flavors you would like included in your order. We will confirm receipt of the order and being processing right away.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Fast, easy and great value!
By ElizabethAmazon

The process for ordering with this seller is very easy. You add it to your cart, buy the product and then go to your orders page and email the seller via your Amazon account. The email should have the order number on it automatically. Just send a message telling them what your choices are. You'll get a response back quickly and they'll ship your product within a day or so. I checked all the boxes, counted all the packets, everything was there and none of the packets were anywhere near their expiration dates (most were 2014). If I haven't reached goal by next month, I will definitely be buying here again. I also love that I saved more than $1.50 per box even with the shipping cost accounted for.

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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013 by Felix Hutagaol · 0

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