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Shawkea TS-1: Fertility Supplement for Both Women and Men Product


Product Description

The number-one-selling fertility supplement in Japan is now available in the United States! Shawkea TS-1 was discovered by Dr. Shawkea during his Ph.D. research at Osaka University. The primary ingredient, Dandelion T-1 extract, was rigorously researched and tested. For example, published in the "International Journal of Molecular Medicine" 20:287-292, Dandelion T-1 extract was found to increase the capacity and sensitivity of reproductive hormone receptors. T-1 extract was also found to improve the quality and quantity of both eggs and sperm, plus optimize the condition of the uterus for fertilization. Subsequently, pharmaceutical giant Sato bought the rights and marketed the product in Japan. But, feeling that he could serve fertility patients better than Big Pharma, Dr. Shawkea bought back the rights and has personally marketed TS-1 to over 100 thousands patients in the past 10 years with an overall effective rate of over 80%.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

It worked!
By David Zhao

(Posted for a family member I bought the product for).
This is a rather private experience, I'm sharing this because this product really works! I am a 42 years old female. I had my first child 18 years ago. Since my first child went to college, I started to feel the need to have another child. After not being able to get pregnant naturally after a long time, I decided to try IVF (in vitro fertilization). I tried twice but both time failed. My doctor told me that because of my age, my egg quality was not high enough. She suggested me tp use egg donors. I looked around for a natural solution to improve my egg quality. Then I found Shawkea Ts-1! I started to use it for two months, and I noticed that my hands and feet feel warmer and my period looked brighter in color. I couldn't wait to start another round of IVF and my doctor was amazed to see that my egg quality was improved tremendously. And now I am 4 months pregnant! I couldn't be happier.

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