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Q-Gel Ultra


Product Description
Package Quantity: 1000

Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10, the 100% HYDROSOLUBLE CoQ10, has been proven via several separate relative bioavailability studies in human subjects, to be a highly bioavailable CoQ10 oral supplement. A relative bioavailability study in dogs has confirmed these findings. Additional studies have been carried out in rats to determine tissue uptake. Another bioavailability study carried out by an independent group has confirmed the superiority of Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10 over oil suspension softgels. In-vitro dissolution and cell-culture studies have also confirmed the absolute superiority of QGel Coenzyme Q10. Here is just one customers comment about Q-Gel CoQ10: "Your QGel CoQ10 product is clearly superior by experience. No other maker I have tried, and that is many, comes close. It must feel good knowing you provide the best there is." The answer, of course, is YES, we do feel pretty good about providing the best CoQ10 available even more important youll feel good!

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What they said?

Customer Review:
Powerful Anti-oxidant
By P R Wilson

My son has MS and was told to use this. I purchased some for my husband and myself. We have not been sick for the last 8 months. No colds even though everyone around me was sick over the winter.
I credit this product and think it has incredible properties!

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