Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Original Sea Veg 180 caps


Product Description

Original Sea Veg 180ct - Ocean algae is the richest natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals. Super Sea Veg is nutritionally potent and mineral-rich family of plants on Earth. Since humans can not directly consume the rays of the sun and the nutrients of the sea, we rely on ocean plants that concentrate the energy from these two powerful sources through the miracle of photosynthesis. FarmaSea blend of sea plants is a NEW blend of sea vegetation chosen from 10,000 varieties, and harvested from pristine waters around the globe, NOT JUST IRELAND anymore.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Sea Veg,
By A. Baker

Super Sea Veg definitely works, however it does take a while for it to absorbs into the body. I now have energy, my skin glows like I have on make-up. I think that this is an excellent product and I think everyone should give Super Sea Veg a try.
I am also taking the Coral Calcium as well along with the Super Sea Veg.

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