Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Air Fresh Refill, Lavender


Product Description
Package Quantity: 36

36 units of Air Fresh Refill, Lavender, .52 oz.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

LOVE these!
By mermadelove "Sparkle on!"

I love these air fresheners. I am sensitive to chemicals ( they give me migraines) and with these I have no issues. The house smells great and they are well constructed. MY only complaint is that I wish they would last a little bit longer. They go for about 30-4 days. Also, the particular seller I got the six pack from only sent me 5. I requested the additional item, but they gave me a credit instead.
I have tried the lavender, lime, and spice scents and they are all great. The spice is the STRONGEST. Nice for the holidays but a little much for year round.

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