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Herbalife Ultimate Program


Product Description

Ultimate program contains added enhancers to help boost metabolism, rev up your energy, fight hunger and more.Includes all Advanced program products PLUS: Snack Defense to help support blood sugar level already within normal range.Aminogen? to help break down proteins into amino acids. Thermo-Bond to help you feel fuller longer.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Herbalife WORKS!! Be careful who you buy from!
By T. Caulk Flavor

I've been on just about every diet imaginable!! Slim fast left me hungry in about 30 minutes and spiked my carb levels! The Atkins diet made me sick for about two months and I gained 10 lbs more then what I lost when I went off the diet! I was so drained and tired all the time! Herbalife is based on protein! Protein is what drives our hunger.. I guess I should say the lack of protein. Herbalife isn't about quick fixes or some kind of magic pill that wouldn't work any, it's about Living Herbalife Lean! Not two days or two months but, they provide medical information on how to change your eating habits forever! No more dead end diets for me!! Be careful who you buy from though. I've seen Herbalife products fairly cheap on Amazon and Ebay, I'm an Independent Distributor myself and Herbalife doesn't approve, endorse or even allow mass selling so watch the expiration dates! You also might end up paying for something that they won't be able to provide when their license is revoked or find out that it's been handled by a variety of people exposed to temperature extremes.

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