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Herbalife Ultimate Program DUTCH CHOCOLATE


Product Description

Herbalife Ultimate Program is great for the ultimate weight loss goal, short time frame to lose weight. Herbalife weight loss programs have Cellular Nutrition technology patented by Herbalife.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Great product & Fast delivery!
By A.J.O. From California

I also bought the French Vanilla and since the only difference is, this one is Chocolate and I love them both, Sorry for being lazy...But I have to leave the same review for this one as I did for the Vanilla. (I have cut and pasted the following review because it applies). 

The Herbalife Ultimate program has everything you need, great protein supplements that taste good too. Plus all the vitamins, supplements and enhancers that you will ever need. I have used Herbalife products in the past and know how effective they are. Being that I have a job that keeps me quite busy, I have never had an interest in becoming a distributor of the product (too busy). So to find the product available at Amazon simply for sale without a distributor wanting to increase their downline and turn me into a distributor, this was perfect! Best of all the price! Talking with distributors in my local area, I was quoted from 220.00 to over 300.00 dollars for the "Ultimate Program" and needless to say I was thrilled to find the same thing through Amazon priced in the 160's. Nay Sayers I've talked with told me "at those prices I would probably get product that was expired or close to expiring"(old stuff). NOT SO!!! the expiration date was NOV. 2013, and since it's about a months supply and My purchase was made in June of 2012, It will be used long before the expiration date. I must add a comment about the seller "Lesli Taylor" Great Job! Not only was everything packaged neatly and professionally but I also received my order quickly, much much sooner than the estamated delivery date. That was a nice surprise. I look forward to buying more of this product from "Lesli Taylor" through Amazon. Sincerely Great full, A.J.O. from So. Cal.

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