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Feosol Iron Supplement Therapy


Product Description

Feosol Carbonyl Iron Supplement is a pure form of Iron, and the No. 1 doctor recommended iron supplement. Designed to be gentle to your stomach. The supplement is made up of 45 milligrams of elemental iron per caplet (250 percent of Daily Value). Most ordinary iron products contain iron salts that can upset your stomach. Feosol caplets are different. They contain pure iron micro particles called carbonyl iron. This advanced formula is specially designed to be well absorbed by your body and gentle on your stomach

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Customer Review:

Daily user for anemia
By chiguyct

Because of occasional bouts of anemia, I have to take iron every day to keep my hemoglobin in the normal range. Carbonyl iron is much easier for me to tolerate than ferrous sulfate. I purchase this product through amazon's subscribe and save. They only offer the 40 tablet size with this service, but it works out to be less expensive to buy than this size. CVS used to have a store brand that was much cheaper, but they no longer carry it. For me, this type of iron is worth the extra expense.

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