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Damage Control Master Formula Vitamins


Product Description

The World's Most Advanced Nutrient Support SystemFinally, one formula does it all - The Damage Control Master Formula: Comprehensive Ultra High-Potency Full Spectrum Antioxidant Profile Comprehensive Ultra High-Potency MultiVitamin-Mineral Profile Comprehensive Performance Enhancing Profile Comprehensive Anti-Stress Nutrient Support Profile Convenient Packet System Research-Proven, Encapsulated Ingredients Balanced Formula Incredible Savings - One Formula Supplies Scientific Doses of 48 Key Nutrients Unsurpassed and Unparalleled Anywhere in the World Serving Size 2 Packets (6 capsules per packet - 2 packets per day)Servings per container 30 (60 packets) Amount Per Two Packets % Daily Value Vitamin A (67% [10,000 iu] as natural beta carotene) 15,000 iu 300% Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 1500 mg 2500% Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 400 iu 100% Vitamin E (as

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Customer Review:

amazing vitamin/herbal mixed suppliment
By M. Domingo

I had been reading about this Damage Control Master Formula for some time now. I read the blog daily of the creator of the formula. Knowing that he puts his all into helping people understand health and nutrition, I wasn't too scared to try it. After all, most of the vitamins and herbals in this formula I have been wanting to take, but it was just to costly to buy them seperate and too many pills to take on a daily basis. So just about 2 weeks ago I received this formula.. I didn't want to take the dose that it recomended, so i decided to take only 3 pills in the morning as opposed to the 6 pills that it recommends twice daily. Even with this decrease in dosage, I have experienced amazing results. These pills have made me feel more balanced than ever. I feel like i want to eat less, I am more mentally balanced and no longer feel i am on an emotional roller coaster ride. I have an amazing amount of energy...I had no pre menstrual "mood" issues this month or other symptoms, and I really feel it is due to this suppliment.. I take it along with another fish oil suppliment that he sells on his Primal Nutrition website. I am currently running a houshold with 2 children under the age of three while my husband is in Afghanistan. I have tons of stress and the tiniest of tantrums used to set me off into an emotional frenzy.. That hasn't happened to me at all since taking this formula. I feel more in control of myself, and i feel like my body is reaping benefits. My skin is becoming more shiny, my nails are growing, I have a nice facial glow to me that i didn't have before. (And NO, i'm not pregnant) lol.. Anyhow, i know this formula works well for men already by reading other reviews, but I am a woman and I will NOT ever go back to taking any other "womans" vitamin out there. Awesome stuff. I highly recommend you look at the list of vitamins and herb content in it before you decide to take it, you can find a list on the creators primal nutrition website.

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