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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 1000


Product Description
Package Quantity: 6

6-unit VALUE PACK of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega - lemon, 180 ct. - EPA and DHA, the two main components of omega-3 from fish oil, are essential for growth and development throughout the human life cycle.Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega contains 70 pure omega-3, and is purified through molecular distillation to ensure the absence of impurities including PCBs and heavy metals.Ultimate Omega is also available in small, 500 mg strawberry-flavored soft gels. Look for Ultimate Omega 500 under "Products for Children." Available for immediate shipment (subject to stock level). ORDER Today!

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Feel good... at a price,
By J. Noll

I try to take everyday, but at these prices, I have to skip sometimes. I'll let you know in a few years if it was worth it!

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