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CytoSport Muscle Milk


Product Description
Flavor: Peach Mango, Size: 2.5 Pound

CytoSport Muscle Milk is a great-tasting, lactose free protein drink mix featuring high-quality dairy proteins, functional fats, and 20 vitamins and minerals to help fuel exercise recovery.

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Customer Review:

I love it,
By Andres

Well here's the famous Muscle Milk.

If you are thinking about getting this product but you are not sure if it is appropriate for you let me let you know why it probably is, or probably isn't or at least you should go easy on it.

Although this is no "weight gainer", it is between a regular protein powder and weight gainer, since 2 scoops have 350 calories. 160 of those are from fats, 8 of them saturated. MCTs fats are easily burned as energy, but you can still find nutritionists that say that's just not true. So it's up to you. I would go with bodybuilders and athletes that love the product since, well, they are the, literally, living proof.

When should you drink it? The manufacturer tells you that you should consume it after waking up, before working out, after working out, and before sleeping...hehe well manufacturers are always telling us to consume their product as much as we can for "better results" but the truth is that supplements should be used wisely and aren't magic so don't worry about consuming it 4 times a day. Besides, 160 times 4 are 640 calories from fat. That's 30% of 2000. You should get about 25% of your calories from fat (if you really wanna be lean) so if you mix the muscle milk with soy milk and you eat close to 3000 calories, that's almost all the fats you should get. Nothing else, no peanut butter, no almonds, etc. Besides there's no really need of muscle milk after waking up and before workout. Everyone knows that whey protein is the best pre workout protein due to its fast effect. But I get it after workout and before sleeping.

Does it work? Well, if you have a good workout and you have a good diet it does work. I have dropped some body fat % since I started to take it and I have gained some muscle mass without gaining any fat. I recommend mixing this with soy milk or low fat milk at night and not getting anything else.

Getting calories from fats at night is fine, when we sleep we burn calories and most of them from protein and fats. But we don't burn that many carbs while sleeping. Don't get me wrong, I don't live the "low carb lifestyle", but I go easy on them at night. If you get less than 30 grams of them in the last hours of the day you'll be fine. That's why muscle milk is a good choice for pre sleep protein since it has little carbs.

For post workout I recommend the same mixture of Muscle Milk and soy or low fat milk but eat fruits too. You need carbs after workout and the fats will help a lot since carbs work better with fats (and protein too. In fact, fats are much better being consumed to join carbs and protein).

Now , I'm not gonna say this is the best tasting bodybuilding powder in the world because I haven't tried them all...but it is the best I have ever tried and I doubt there's anything better. I just love every flavor. The cookies and cream is just delicious, almost like an ice cream. And it barely has sugar. You won't find a better tasting powder, I'm sure of that.

If you are on a diet trying to lose that belly I wouldn't recommend this to you. But if you are already lean or have always been and now your goals is getting lean muscle, then go ahead.

The price is the only turn off though but if you think a good product and with an awesome taste makes the price of a product even more worth it, go ahead.

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