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BSN CELLMASS, Cellular Infusing Matrix


Product Description
Flavor: Berry, Size: 1.4lb

CELLMASS is BSN’s original post-training mass and recovery activator. After an intense training session, muscles are in a state of heightened stress and need to be returned to an anabolic state in order to recover and repair the damaged tissue, paving the way for new muscle growth and increases in strength and athletic performance. To facilitate this, CELLMASS delivers multiple cutting-edge creatine analogs that provide effective creatine transport and uptake, as well as glutamine, replenishing muscle stores to combat muscle breakdown and kick-start the growth and recovery process after a workout. Also included are key nutrients and electrolytes to refuel and replenish what the body loses during prolonged exercise. Taking CELLMASS promotes quicker and more efficient recovery, combats muscular fatigue and breakdown, and supports muscle growth, fullness and strength. These effects in turn lead to increased performance in the following day’s training session, as athletes are adequately recovered and better prepared to excel.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Awesome Recovery Product,
By Kevin B

I don't go to the gym unless I'm going hard. By the time I'm done with my work outs, I want to ache. I want to know what I'm doing is working for my body. The cellmass creatine is good quality creatine and is packed with other nutrients that are key to muscle recovery and repair.

I always take creatine after my workout since the body is in total absorption mode at that point. Before hand, I take a test booster and l-arginine -Pro-Player Elite - Male Enhancement Formula + FREE L-Arginine (Nitric Oxide Booster) 250 Grams.

The PPE and L-arginine help produce more nitric oxide so you're able to pump better when you're weightlifting. There's a dramatic difference. They keep me from feeling fatigued during my workout and the taking the Cellmass with it makes for the ultimate combination. I swear by this routine and have turned a lot of my buddies onto it as well.

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