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Synergistic Nutrition One World Whey Vanilla


Product Description

ONE WORLD WHEY IS AN INDUSTRY FIRST WITH OUR TRUCOOL PROCESS, A 100% UNHEATED WHEY PROTEIN POWDER. A Truly Raw Whey Protein Powder Our One World Whey is the first, 100% UNHEATED, cold temperature processed, 100% all natural, unrefined, bioactive, grass pasture raised milk-whey protein. But that's just the beginning. Far from being another ordinary "protein supplement," taken to meet your daily nutrition needs or develop some extra muscle, One World Whey is a full spectrum natural nutrition powerfood in and of itself - providing overall life-building benefits that touch virtually every human's life that other protein supplements don't even consider. Much more than just a "muscle-building" protein, our One World Whey is a "life-enhancing" protein. What Are The Benefits? Boosts the immune system Possesses anti-aging properties Helps reduce body fat Improves the building of lean muscle Increases energy levels Enhances the feeling of youth Boosts sports performance Speeds recovery from exercise Who Is It For? Busy people, hardworking executives, students, teachers, active seniors, people recovering from illness, office workers, construction workers, and of course high performance athletes. Anyone desiring a high-performance lifestyle will benefit from One World Whey. Retaining the Nutritional Power Structure There's a growing scientific awareness regarding the tremendous health benefits of natural whey protein, which is excellent. Whey protein can be profoundly beneficial to one's overall health - much like a natural powerfood - but only when its natural power is carefully retained and provided to you in its most natural, bioactive and unrefined form. Pure, Natural, Raw Protein Power We refer to One World Whey as a protein powerfood because it is the first and only whey protein cool-dried to preserve the protein structures in their biologically active forms.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Kudos to Synergistic Nutrition Customer Service...and I love the Product too!
By The Reluctant

Whenever you receive a product that isn't as expected, it's an opportunity for the company's Customer Service to resolve the problem in a manner that leaves you with a greater opinion of their product, and more likely to recommend it to others. As reluctant as I am to write product reviews, Synergistic Nutrition left me no choice but to share one of the rare positive experiences I've had with Customer Service following a problem with an online purchase. I purchased the 5 pound (76 servings) container of One World Whey Vanilla. It is the first protein powder I've used that doesn't have a gritty feel. The smell of the powder and taste (just adding water) is truly "vanilla". This unheated (raw) whey makes a big difference for digestibility--no stomach upset like with other whey powders. I can safely take it before, during or after physical activity. Unfortunately, the amount in the sealed container was only 3.3 pounds (50 servings). I knew the actual serving amount because I'm in a training program that includes logging all food and supplement intake. On a Monday, I sent an email to Synergistic Nutrition (via Amazon) stating the reduced amount of whey powder in the container I received. By Friday of the same week, I received a reply from Synergistic Nutrition stating I would receive a refund reflecting the amount of missing powder (per serving purchase price x number of missing servings). The amount was already refunded to my credit card by Amazon when I read their reply. WOW! Customer Service doesn't get much better than this!

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