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SkinMedica TNS Regeneration System


Product Description

This powerful AM/PM regeneration system offers serious skin cell therapy! Appropriate for all skin types, the TNS Regeneration System provides dramatic results in one simple regimen.Your system contains:TNS Recovery Complex- the first and only product with NouriCel-MD to both stimulate and rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin.Discovered through wound-healing research, NouriCel-MD is the only product that nourishes the skin with a natural mixture of: Multiple human growth factors; soluble collagen; natural antioxidants, and matrix proteins. The same elements found in young, healthy skin.Vitamin C Complex- a highly stable, concentrated serum of 15% vitamin C in both aqueous and lipid soluble forms that provide powerful antioxidant protection.Retinol Complex- Provides 3 different pro-retinoic acids that penetrate the skin at different rates via a gradual release delivery system. SkinStore Insider says," For best results, use in conjunction with Skin Medica Dermal Repair. Also, Skin Medica Dermal Repair is a fantastic night cream loaded with Antioxidants and helps to fade the mild medicinal scent of the TNS Recovery Complex.

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Customer Review:

Can't beat the price
By A. Tundel

I bought this kit 2 months ago. I love it and expecially I love the price, you can't find anything cheaper. Usually just one bottle of TNS Recovery Complex goes for about $150 itself, and here you get Retinol and Vitamin C as well. I am happy I found it.

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