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Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton


Product Description

This concentrated solution is highly beneficial as it contains more than 90 ionic and trace minerals and is produced using a natural evaporation process employing the sun and the wind which eliminates 93% of the sodium. This purified ocean water concentrate has the power to preserve the marine phytoplankton in suspended animation, protecting the original life energy, allowing it to be bottled and stored at room temperature with no deterioration. The live blend is then super charged by infusing it with billions of biophotons and finally potentized energetically with its own frequency to maximize the nutritional life force!

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Takes off years of fatigue and xlnt during pregnancy

My husband has been taking this plus fresh frozen blue green algae for 2 months and has experienced significant reduction in his joint pain, as well as very high energy levels. He has also noticed his vision improving. My experience is equally impressive although I am pregnant ...during my last pregnancy (not taking these supplements, but I was taking a good prenatal and fish oils), I was very lethargic, my brain got very fuzzy at work,and my eyesight got blurry, plus I had major acid reflux. This time around, I started taking the phytoplankton plus the algae about 3 months into the pregnancy and am now 6 months pregnant ... A totally different experience this time ! I have very high energy, my brain is totally clear at work, I have very little acid reflux, and my eyesight is perfectly clear. I cannot wait to see how this supplement will benefit me during my post pregnancy..I heart is very good for that.

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