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Imedeen Prime Renewal


Product Description
Imedeen Prime Renewal has been formulated to target the very specific skincare needs of women post menopause. Most women are aware of the fact that their skin ages faster after menopause, but do not necessarily understand what happens to the fundamental structure of the skin deep in the dermis. Imedeen Prime Renewal preserves and revitalizes the collagen and elastin content, ensuring skin that looks and feels firmer, smoother and more supple. Just four Imedeen Prime Renewal tablets for three to six months: Improves the dermal density of the skin Creates firmer skin Reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles Reduces visibility of hyperpigmentation Improves the appearance of skin on the face, hands and d?colletage

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What they said?

Customer Review:

By Angie Cross Bly

I have used this product for over three years and I am very pleased with it. Two years ago I felt it was too expensive and quit for about 4 months. My skin seemed to lose some tone, my hair did not grow as fast, and my joints ached more. I bit the bullet and returned to taking it and very soon noticed an improvement. I would not be without it.

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