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The Moon Cup


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5 units of The Moon Cup Size A,. The Moon Cup Menstrual Cup provides you with the same benefits as The Keeper, but is made of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone. Introduced in 2006, The Moon Cup is innovative, economical, comfortable, and environment-friendly. This soft, silicone menstrual cup collects the flow rather than absorbing it, so the vaginal tissues aren't dried out as they can be with disposable tampons. The Moon Cup is recommended for those with latex sensitivities. The Moon Cup can last up to ten years. Size A is for after vaginal childbirth CANADIAN customers please note: due to Health Canada regulations The Moon Cup cannot be shipped to Canada. 

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Customer Review:

A must have February 5, 2013 By YENVAN Item Package Quantity:2|Amazon Verified PurchaseEvery single woman on earth should have this product! If I knew about this product earlier in my life I would have immediately bought it and for every single female who hates carrying around a noisy tampon wrapper. It is such a relief that this product delivers what it promises. I work long 12 hour shifts and it's amazing that I can use this all day long! A MUST HAVE! 

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