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Slow Fe Slow Release Iron


Product Description

Slow Fe Slow Release Iron is a high-potency, once-a-day iron supplement that is gentle to your system. Slow Fe contains ferrous sulfate, the ingredient most recommended by doctors. Easy-to-use dosage provides the high dose of iron your body needs in one slow-releasing tablet. Tablets non-USP (disintegration, content uniformity).

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Easy way to take tablets out from the packaging April 8, 2010 By A Customer Amazon Verified PurchaseIts too early to comment on the effectiveness of this pill, but I share the pain which everybody is feeling about the packaging of these tablets. While trying different ways to make it easier, I found a way which will ease your pain and make it very easy to remove tablets from its strip. Take warm water in a bowl and dip the whole strip in the water for few minutes. Since packaging is water proof, tablets are safe. After few minutes, remove the strip from the water and start peeling the paper backing. The paper should be easily peeled off now in one piece and you'll end up with only silver foil backing which should bring smile on your face and no more fighting with the packaging :) Once the paper backing is removed, wipe the strip dry and store it back in the box.

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