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Roche CoaguChek XS Test Strips


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Roche CoaguChek XS Test Strips, Box of 48. The product referenced on this detail page is sold be 24/Vial/2VL/Bx.

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Great product; I just wish the vendors were not so transient
By The Irish Patient

Amazon policy requires reviewers to discuss the product itself, rather than the vendor. That's the basis for my five star rating. Coaguchek XS test strips are very impressive feats of biogenetic engineering. The INR test itself is based on a bioengineered human enzyme grown in cell culture. Each test strip also contains a second test that measures breakdown of a temperature and moisture sensitive chemical. Failure of this second test indicates that the test strip has been stored improperly, jeopardizing the accuracy of the INR test. The test strip will be rejected in that case without displaying an INR value. Therefore, displayed INR measurements can be relied upon with a high degree of confidence. I only wish I could have the same confidence in the vendors, who appear and disappear at an alarming rate. I ordered last year from a vendor called BioMed. Service was excellent, but they're gone now. "Jalakae" states that he/she got good service very recently, but that vendor was called BoomerCare and they're also gone. Many reviewers fail to realize that Amazon aggregates all of the reviews for a product regardless of the number of vendors. The listing for each vendor displays all of the reviews from all buyers of the product, not just the reviews of customers who bought from that particular vendor. So, please state the identity of the vendor in your review if you want to comment on having received particularly good or bad service. I attempted to purchase last week from a vendor called Bargain OTC. The listing specifically stated that the test strips were in stock. I received an email a day later stating the order was canceled due to the strips being out of stock. However, the listing for Bargain OTC still said that they were in stock. Now, a week later, Bargain OTC has disappeared from the listings. I have been referred instead to a new vendor called "Happybunny1238" that has virtually no track record. That's not going to happen. But what truly annoys me is that today, four days after receiving the cancellation email from Amazon, Bargain OTC still has a hold for the full purchase price on the Citibank virtual card that I used for payment. I really wish that Amazon would sell this product directly, rather than making me go through one of its "partners." Update on 1/19/2012: I see today that "Happybunny 1238" has disappeared already, having come and gone in less than six weeks. Not very good for a vendor of a product selling for more than two hundred dollars! 

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