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Organic whole raw foods


Product Description
Flavor: Phi Plus, Size: 20 lbs

Prepared meals in a convenient, reclosable carry bag. Children love Phi Plus for schoolbus lunch snacks! This pure raw food is a delicious snack and a superb meal replacement. Phi Plus may very well be the healthiest food in the world. It is a synergistic combination of 76 organic ingredients including herbs, oils, flowers, spices, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. It is specifically designed to support and enhance all seven body systems. Western medicine calls these 7 centers of the body NervePlexi and their attendant Neuro-Endocrine glands. Eat your way to "inner balance"!

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What they said?

Customer Review:

The Best Organic Food in the World
By G. Nesta

Please please try this product, it is the best organic whole food in the world. Phi Plus is made out of a blend of nuts, fruits, grains, seeds and more that tastes out of this world. Is is like nothing you have ever tasted. It is one of many products you can find at Whole Food Farmacy, a company that produces a line of products so unique and healthy you will be hooked forever. I call this "Nature's Cookie Dough", it is like nothing else you have ever tasted. It is pure and natural and packed with nutrition. I am a customer for life, this is something everyone should try.

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