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Alli Weight-Loss Aid


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pretty good results By BW

I started Alli after a recommendation from my personal trainer. I was dieting and exercising but not having the results I wanted. I got on the Alli pill and saw a little reduction, but no continual weightloss. The pills were not providing me with the boost I'd expected. My trainer gave me another suggestion and had me try green coffee bean pills with svetol after having success himself. A few days after starting the svetol, I felt a serious boost in my results. Added in raspberry ketones a few weeks later and I was finally seeing the real pound reduction on the scale. Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus Capsules + FREE Raspberry Ketones Powder (Svetol GCBE (1 Bottles) + FREE Raspberry 25 Grams) - the best results have come from mixing the coffee bean extract, ketones, AND Alli together. Rotating and taking certain pills on different days or at different times of the day help remove some tolerance concerns as well. I'm able to use all the supplements safely together and dropped a whopping 15 pounds in about 3 weeks and have been able to maintain that plus lose a couple more over the last few months. My overall energy levels are better too!

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