Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Black Cohosh Menopause Relief


Product Description
Package Quantity: 12

12-unit VALUE PACK of Black Cohosh Menopause Relief - 60 tab - Comprehensive Menopause Relief Targeted, Therapeutic Potency Naturally Extracted, Solvent-Free Comprehensive herbal menopause relief formula, featuring therapeutic potencies of black cohosh (helps relieve the severity of hot flashes) and vitex (promotes hormonal balance), plus important botanical catalysts that deliver a range of isoflavones. A targeted, therapeutic potency: 1,650 mg hpe (herbal powder equivalent) per tablet. Black cohosh helps reduce the severity of hot flashes and vitex promotes hormonal balance in women; both herbs support a positive mood.Botanical catalysts, such as red clover and kudzu, that support the action of the formula by delivering a range of phyto-estrogenic isoflavones.

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