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6 Boxes of ProXeed Plus - A Men's Dietary Fertility Supplement


Product Description 6 Boxes of ProXeed Plus(3 Month Supply - 30 Packets in each Box)Exp. 09/2013A Dietary Supplement for Men who are ready to Optimize their Reproductive HealthThe ingredients of this male fertility supplement are proven to play a critical role in sperm development and performance. Clinical trials have shown that the ingredients in ProXeed? Plus support sperm health, including increase sperm motility, count, speed, and concentration. The antioxidant ingredients in ProXeed? Plus may also reduce the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS)Taking ProXeed Plus can enhance overall sperm quality, increase sperm count, and motility, and all of these factors can help determine a couple's chances of conception. Perhaps that's why so many leading doctors who specialize in fertility are now recommending ProXeed? Plus to couples who want to have children.*ProXeed Plus is a lemon-flavored powder that can be dissolved in juice or other cold beverages. It should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for as long as you're attempting to conceive. Since sperm require approximately 74 days to mature and up to 20 additional days to be capable of fertilization, ProXeed? Plus should be taken for six months, although initial improvements in sperm quality may be seen after three months.* Improvements in sperm quality such as an increase in sperm count and motility while taking ProXeed Plus will happen gradually over time.ProXeed Plus is available without a prescription. Side effects are rare and generally mild in nature.*If you are attempting to conceive, it is always recommended that you speak with a doctor for additional information on how to increase sperm count and sperm motility.The ingredients inProXeed Plus, a male fertility supplement, are clinically proven to provide the nutritional support required for optimal sperm quality.Gesundheit-Health is a Authorized Seller of this product!Please make sure you are leaving Feedback!

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