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Green Pasture's Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil


Product Description
Historically, cultures that gained the most benefit from cod liver took the necessary time and effort to hand craft and ferment them. The major benefit of fermentation is it keeps the delicate nutrients intact and actually increases them. This products contains 1/3 X Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil and 2/3 Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver oil

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Customer Review:

The best overall health supplement, tips on taking it,
By truth1ness

You really can't get a much better overall single health supplement than this. Cod liver oil harvested naturally with no heat/bleaching/deoderizing/filtering providing a natural vitamin A and D powerhouse, and butter oil taken specifically from cows during the spring when the grass is most nutritious for the most 'activator x' which I believe is now known as vitamin k2. It provides a whole range of natural vitamins and fats in a food form, which is much more effective than the synthetic supplements made in labs. I think in this age of 'nutrition marketing' we forget that synthetic supplements are basically ways for companies to mimick natural sources of nutrients in the cheapest way possible.

Ok, so now for the taste part, since the best supplement in the world doesn't do much if you can't get it down. I started out with the pills but the gel is ridiculously more economical and I like to take much more than the dose on the label. My first try of the gel was a total failure, I had to spit it out. But I realized my two mistakes, taking it at room temperature and using a spoon. So here's my recommendation on how to take it with ease:

First, refrigerate. Second, use a Butter Knife and your teeth instead of a spoon and your tongue/lips.
With a spoon you have to use your tongue or lips to scrape it off the concave surface, that's what gets it stuck to your mouth and makes you really taste it in all its glory. Instead, take the refrigerated cod liver oil (nice and firm from the cold) and put a bunch on the Butter Knife tip as if it were whipped butter. Then stick it in your mouth and scrape it off in one stroke with JUST your front teeth. Since the knife is flat like your front teeth you'll get almost all of it off. It'll also be in a nice ball shape which you can easily swallow almost like a large pill with a gulp of water or juice. Between being cold and using the knife I barely taste it at all and only the cinnamon comes through and tastes kind of like apple cider (which is also a great drink to wash this down with cause it goes with the cinnamon). The cold also greatly cuts down the smell.

I've been seeing a lot of good reviews of this brand, especially from the Weston Price folks who are very picky about their food. I hope that as they grow they continue to keep the high quality level and natural manufacturing processes.

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