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Product Description Created by Dan Freeman the Nutritionist and Strength Coach for Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den. Complete Training System designed by Fighters for Fighters. Fighters need real "Functional" strength & power, not bloated gym muscles. The result of the FightLabs Lean Mass Stack is a "BIG N RIPPED" physique that is as strong as it looks.
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Customer Review:

Worth the money and amazing stack,
By Ali Haji Alwahedi

First of all this is my second cycle of this stack...first cycle was (Test400 and Estro test (post cycle therapy) along with Liver kick xtreme and i notice the result from the second week it was Great energy and Edurance and no side effects at all and my second cylce was by stacking Test 400 and Episteron and using Estro Test as post cylce therapy and the results was Maximum in size and Power i never felt that kind of energy ever and no side effects at all...i give five stars even that the price are too much but so what if i can get what i paid for also thanks for Discount Supplements Direct for thier great and fast service and thankx for the Adernline XR samples and the T-shirt
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