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Bio-Kult - Advanced Probiotic Formula


Product Description
Complex of 14 strains of beneficial bacteria to help support the immune system and maintain a healthy digestive system. The trillions of beneficial bacteria in the human gut are an essential factor in maintaining good health. Stress, poor nutrition, pathogenic invasion and antibiotic therapy can all substantially compromise the quality and quantity of the gut micro flora. An effective solution is taking a probiotic supplement. Each Bio-Kult capsule contains 2 billion bacterias so it can deliver a higher dose of good bacteria into your body.

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What they said?

Customer Review:

Good product; wrong format
By Donna J. Parkinson

I love this product but last time i ordered instead of a bottle of capsules, i got sheets or separately embedded capsules so each time you want a capsule, you have to punch it out of the sheet--not what i expected. So I'm only going to order again if i can get an assurance that it's just a bottle of capsules.

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