Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Beta Ecdysterone


Product Description Beta Ecdysterone i s a naturally occurring compound similar to a steroid compound. It is an excellent hormone booster that may enhance fat loss while supporting the growth of lean muscle mass. All of the above products can be found in our store here on Amazon.

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Customer Review:

Noticeable result,
By smith

First off, delivery is amazing even when it's international shipping since I expected the product to come in about 3weeks as described on order detail, but it came in just 1week. Second off, you can expect some increase in amount of your body mass and vascularity along with hard training and protein- and carbohydrate-rich meals although "7lbs pure muscle mass in only 10days" is only too good to achieve:p So I think this product has well been experimented on my body so far for a month. But it tastes as bitter as 99% dark chocolate, so I'd recommend mixing powder with protein, preferably choc flavour, every time. 

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