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Sugar-Free Liquid QHTM Liposomal Ubiquinol


Product Description

Sugar-Free Liquid QHTM Liposomal Ubiquinol (the Activated CoQ10) is a Bio-enhanced Liposomal Ubiquinol Coenzyme Q10 formulated for enhanced absorption. This new, (first available in March 2009), Liquid QHTM Liposomal Ubiquinol from the makers of LiQsorb® (Liposomal Ubiquinone CoQ10) and Q-Gel® Coenzyme Q10 is now available for mito patients and others in a 170 ml bottle and delivers 100mg Liposomal Ubiquinol CoQ10 per 1 ml. The 170ml bottle includes a dropper for easy, accurate dose measurement. Each 170ml bottle contains 170 doses of 100mg Liposomal Ubiquinol CoQ10. There are 17,000 mg of Liposomal Ubiquinol CoQ10 per 170 ml bottle. This is a VERY powerful liposomal Ubiquinol CoQ10 and is not flavored. To make it palatable, add 1 ml to 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice, smoothie or milk shake for a delicious treat supplying 100mg of hydrosoluble Ubiquinol Co-Q-10.

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Customer Review:
The best liquid form of Ubiquinol on the market....,
By LaurieAmazon

Ubiquinol CoQ10 has been shown in clinical trials to reverse Renal failure and Cardiomyopathy. I have Cardiomyopathy and my cat has renal failure...or at least she used to until she was put on this product 2.5 years ago. Her renal failure reversed itself (she's 17 years old..unheard absolute miracle)....I put her on 50mg of this liquid Ubiquinol...I shoot it into her mouth daily. Her creatnine level went from 3.8 down to 3.0 in 30 days!
I have cardiomyopathy and was on a heart transplant list 2 years ago.... My ejection fraction rate was 21 (normal is 60). I've been on the product now for 2 years and my ejection fraction rate is now 50! My doctors are scratching their heads on that one...They cant believe a vitamin could do this much (I was told 2 years ago that the meds I was on would not do very much and a heart transplant was almost inevitable).
What more can I say..... Oh...and my Asthma meds have been reduced by 1/2 too... I've been on the same dosage since 1987 and as soon as I started this product, I've reduced my Asthma meds by 1/2.
This product is high quality and does not need to be refridgerated. It is expensive but worth it....

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