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5-HTP 100mg, 30 cap (Multi-Pack) Product


Product Description
Package Quantity: 12

12-unit VALUE PACK of 5-HTP 100mg, 30 cap - Oftentimes, unsettling feelings and an indifferent mood can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. That's when you know you need to just relax and take five! 5-HTP from Natrol, that is, which helps enhance mood. As nutritional science continues to uncover more benefits from nature, scientific studies have demonstratedthe significant value of 5-HTP. Natrol 5-HTP is all natural and helps enhance mood and outlook, and was created with your lifestyle in mind. Taken daily, it helps to balance your brains natural serotonin levels so you can balance the rest of your life. Serotonin is a compound found in the body and concentrated especially in the brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulation of mood and behavior. Having adequate levels of serotonin can help in feeling calm and relaxed; having too little sometimes leads to irritability and uneasiness. Taking Natrol 5-HTP can help. Natrol 5-HTP, naturally derived from Griffonia seeds, converts to serotonin in the brain and liver, balancing the body's serotonin levels to help enhance mood and control appetite naturally. It helps you maintain a positive, healthy and restful outlook.* Picture may be of different size or flavor

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What they said?
Customer Review:

Great mood enhancer!
By S. Schmidt

Great product for when you're just feeling a bit down in the dumps! It's not a huge jack you up type of enhancer... Just enough to bring your head up, and help keep things positive.

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